Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Cigarettes? Think Simple. Think according to Kardinal Stick.

Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Cigarettes? Think Simple. Think according to Kardinal Stick.

The use of e-cigarettes in Thailand, although still not legal Because the submission of the Act. to be correct in order to achieve the same standard is still in the process of being considered However, users are already aware of the advantages of electronic cigarettes. Despite users who prefer the traditional style of regular cigarettes, for Kardinal Stick, the international brand of electronic cigarette manufacturers. Quality and meet international standards It is exported to more than 60 countries around the world.

Many people still cling to the same idea. And there is still a question stuck in my head why e-cigarettes are better than cigarettes. Let’s think in a simple way according to the style of Kardinal Stick as follows.

1. The smoke vapor of a cigarette is very foul from burning. And there are also fumes containing toxic chemicals. In addition to being dangerous to the user himself There is also a danger to others who may accidentally inhale the smell of smoke. or secondhand smoke But for the e-cigarette There are work processes with the use of heat in different ways. (Depending on the type of use of electronic cigarettes), but the smell of smoke coming out of it will have a mild fragrance according to the scent that the user chooses Not harmful to the environment or people who may smell it.

2. Use for cigarettes that must have a lighter to carry with. for use But if it’s an e-cigarette, just charge the battery fully. and plug in the pod liquid head properly It can be used immediately. No messy light switches Also, the preservation is different. because for that cigarette When stored in an envelope, be careful not to get wet or pressed against it to prevent breakage, breakage, and breakage of cigarette nibs. But for e-cigarettes, they are easy to carry and easy to maintain. do not need to clean often Just be careful not to drop it from a height. Or hit with other objects only.

3. The cost of cigarettes and e-cigarettes differs markedly. in that cigarette Currently there is a tax increase causing sales at the retail price to skyrocket many times The price of each pack is at least 80-90 baht, especially if you are a heavy smoker. The cost may be around Almost 500-600 baht per week, but for electric cigarettes, even if the first use purchase may have to buy the device. But in the next purchase The user himself will only buy the pod solution. And most of the pod heads cost more than 100 baht, with 1 pod head can be used for 1 month, but if used regularly, it can still be used for more than 2 weeks, which is more economical to use. definitely smoke

However, choosing to buy electronic cigarettes, even if you have to invest in the first purchase. But if looking at the overall picture in the long term It is definitely worth more than choosing a regular cigarette. And it’s also like an investment in better health. and also opened up new experiences Since the first time I tried to experience it as well Choose something better for yourself today. for your own better health.

Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Cigarettes? Think Simple. Think according to Kardinal Stick.

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