Kardinal Stick Max | How to order

Simple steps for ordering a KS Kurve, Kardinal Stick and Relx can be done in 3 quick steps

  1. Add Line Official Account
  2. Inform the name or send a picture of the product By choosing to view products at the menu Products Or ask the admin 24 hours a day
  3. Admin will summarize the amount specified with the decimal point. For a quick review The customer just informs the transfer and we will confirm the order with tracking No. within minutes.


  • For customers in other provinces We will ship via Kerry to ensure the safety of the goods.
  • As for customers in Bangkok We have Messenger delivered to your hand in about 3 hours after the order is confirmed.


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What are RELX Infinity and Zero pods made of?

Many people may not be aware that the smoke and smell we smoke are safer than cigarette smoke. Today, let's find out what's in the RELX reagents, both RELX Infinity and RELX Zero, produced to high standards from a laboratory by more than 100 researchers who helped formulate it. We will be able to smoke comfortably. Help quit smoking safely without worry.