Things to know Difference between the original and the new pump replacement products.

Things to know Difference between the original and the new pump replacement products.

The original products are cylindrical, rolled wrapped in paper. They are usually shorter than 12 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter, packed with crushed or crushed tobacco leaves. One end is used for lighting. On the other side there is a filter used for fume extraction mouth.
The new pump replacement product or electronic cigarettes are tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, and camera cigarettes. This is made up of a battery-charged device that delivers nicotine to the smoker. In general, there are two types, which are similar to real cigarettes. With a so-called pen style (Pen style) looks like a cigarette with the end of the filter end plugged into the connector of another filter. Which e-cigarettes were invented in China

Electronic cigarettes can be separated into 3 parts:

  • The battery (Battery) is a part that looks like a cigarette, about 55-80 mm in length, the end often has a LED lamp (LED) showing the working status. And alert the battery level There are both automatic and manual examination.
  • Personal smoke and heat (Atomizer) is central to the micro-chip (Microship Circuit) to control the work. And electron coils to turn the liquid (e-Liquid) into water vapor. And create a smell like a real cigarette
  • The liquid storage part (Cartridge) or the mouth piece (Mouth piece) is shaped like a platypus Or cylinder And the other side will be a bulb containing the absorbent material

In addition to the components in the device Another key ingredient in tobacco is e-Liquid, which is made from propylene glycerol or propylene glycol, or PG for short. (PG), which is a food-grade solvent, which PG is found in most cosmetics. Including in products such as shampoo, soap, facial cleanser, or even candy This PG may accumulate or become irritated after prolonged exposure.
There are also some companies that produce the highest levels of nicotine (Super High) of 34 milligrams, which can be harmful to the body. If received in large quantities The fumes produced by e-cigarettes are water vapor produced by the reaction of the microwave heat wave PG from the smoke generator breaks down and draws water in the air into a white mist. That are similar to the steam from the kettle But are denser and more concentrated This is different from the actual smoke that is gray.

Although electronic tobacco is free from tobacco ingredients And the combustion that produces more than 7,000 toxins in real cigarettes But the smokers still get nicotine. Excessive nicotine exposure can cause irritation, nausea and effects on the heart. Therefore cannot say that Electronic tobacco 100 percent safe But electronic tobacco is just one option. For those who want to reduce the accumulated toxic amount Caused by real cigarettes

Things to know Difference between the original and the new pump replacement products.

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