before going to know the auspicious color For the Virgo Let’s get to know the word “Mutelu” a bit first, Pod where the word Mutelu comes from the name of an old movie. which has been released for more than 25 years in Indonesia The title translates into Thai as Mutelu, the battle of superstition, which the content of the film is about two young women who must use black magic to fight for the young man they fall in love with. can become their own And in the movie itself, a spell has been recited out by Starting with the word Mutelu every time The meaning of the word Mutelu for this film version therefore conveying to black magic, superstition and Khun Sai sure enough, but for Thai people today This word is much softer than that.

Kardinal Stick pod color enhances Virgo zodiac auspiciousness

Virgo Mutelu line who want to pod to use the new piece now we have a choice
In enhancing the luck in many aspects ever and all the colors the Kardinal Stick has produced.
Released, it’s beautiful. Nice to use with all colors as well. So let’s have a look.
Which color will complement in which matter?

Virgo(September 17 – October 16)
For Virgo (Virgo) there is a constellation arranged in the image of a virgin as the star of the sign and Mercury as the agriculture. Virgos are simple, but they’re also good looking. Therefore, Virgo is a person who looks simple but elegant. and most importantly Virgos don’t like rude people. don’t like gossip Or talking about others in a very bad way as well, which is auspicious That helps support the people of this zodiac in various ways are as follows

Finance : Blue, blue and indigo tones are Kardinal Stick : kardinal Kurve Pacific Blue.
Work: bright red and red tones, including Kardinal Stick : kardinal Kurve Limited Red
Love : Dark Gray and Black : Kardinal Stick : Kardinal Kurve Jet Black
Health : Purple, black and dark brown: Kardinal Stick : kardinal Kurve Jet Black
Colors to avoid: Pink tones such as Fuchsia or Old Rose, for example, Kardinal Stick: Kardinal Kurve Hot Pink.
And all this is Kardinal Stick pod color to enhance the auspicious year 2013 that will be added.
Mutelu for Khun Rakan Let there be more bang in life. How are you? What color do you like? Do you feel destined like being given by a moose?
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