Best Couple of your choice: Kardinal Stick and KS KURVE

Best Couple of your choice: Kardinal Stick and KS KURVE

Best of all, the Kardinal Stick and Kardinal stick KURVE closed-circuit pod applications are among the most popular. Both models are equally outstanding. and also from the same manufacturer brand by bringing from the production base in Malaysia and also has a distinctive style of use But it gives a nice touch to use both. and also good for the health of the user’s own body in the long run really good results Not harmful to close people and can also create a good image for the user himself as well.

where we will separate the highlights The advantages of both electronic cigarettes So that users can decide to choose the one that best fits your style as follows:

Kardinal Stick Classic

1. Beautiful design, elegant, cool like no other. It is also engraved with the KS symbol on the bottom part of the pod. Material made of aluminum alloy lightweight rectangular base is set to be placed on a flat surface

2. Butterfield experience in the implementation of the concentration Kardinal Stick fierce power supply voltage to mind. therefore suitable for heavy smokers Frequent use Or maybe even used to be a heavy regular smoker before.

3. The battery is not much, not less at 450 mAh, takes 30-40 minutes to charge.

4. There are a variety of pod liquids to choose from, currently up to 17 scents. hot and cold tones It’s more special that you can use the pod head from the Kardinal Stick KURVE model as well, but the pod head may not be completely connected to the device itself.

Kardinal Stick KURVE

1. Superior luxury design with the curvature of the machine It gives a nice touch since I tried to touch it. The symbol in the center of the machine is the same as the Kardinal Stick and also indicates various additional functions as well, whether it is a red flashing signal if the battery is running low. or vibrate if used continuously for more than 12 times within 5 minutes, etc.

2. Feel when using it. Based on a more advanced technology using a ceramic boiler that is thicker than 4 layers as a heater. resulting in highly efficient heating and also reduce the usage rate of consumable pod liquid including more stable power supply smoke more smoothly And still full of nicotine just right for the body

3. Even though the battery capacity is the same as the Kardinal Stick, for the Kardinal Stick KURVE it is guaranteed with the Super Fast Charger system. It takes only 18 minutes to charge the battery. Considered to be fast and impatient teenagers

4. The pod liquid from Kardinal Stick KURVE has a specially designed magnetic pole at the bottom. in order to support more modern technology in the future It can also be used with the Kardinal Stick Classic body, however, the Kardinal Stick Classic pod head itself is not compatible with the Kardinal Stick KURVE body. will still have a clear smell and taste that is definitely not diluted However, whether it’s the Kardinal Stick or the Kardinal Sitck KURVE, they all have their strengths. which users can choose according to their preferences and match with their own style as much as possible to increase the level of aesthetics in use And it’s good for long term health as well

Best Couple of your choice: Kardinal Stick and KS KURVE

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