Outstanding features of the Kardinal Stick family

Outstanding features of the Kardinal Stick family

Fans of Kardinal Stick replacement products must have a line of Kardinal Stick replacement products in almost every color. Absolutely every model The Kardinal Stick replacement products have a variety of unique strengths. and also called worthwhile to use The Kardinal Stick is currently available in three models: Kardinal Stick Classic, Kardinal Stick KURVE and KS Xense. It is a complete replacement for closed-loop electric pods and offers a distinctive styling and functionality. different identity When you try to touch it, you will know another level of finnishness. with different highlights as follows:

Kardinal Stick Classic – an early replacement product. that have been designed and sold to the market of people who are popular and who like to use a closed system electric pod Although it is not the first manufacturer of the brand to produce electric pods. But it is considered to be popular with a large number of users. with a distinctive style when used is Power to your heart Fully focused and tight nicotine No stinging, itchy throat, or not feeling even throat irritation, good for health for a group of smokers who use regularly. They all like it Because there is a touch feeling that is not less impressive as well.

Kardinal Stick KURVE – has generated quite a stir from users of the replacement product since it has yet to be launched. until when it is released for sale Thailand is also honored to be the first country that has released the product as well. with a smoother, more fluid feel than ever and also make users, whether old or even many users have switched to use instead of using more traditional products It has an elegant design, superior level, beautiful, easy to use, combined with the use of new technology that is unique as the working principle of the device. There is also a large percentage of users.

KS Xense – the youngest from the Kardinal Stick that is considered a special edition. (not the newest version because the latest model is Kardinal Stick KURVE ) suitable for economical cable that emphasizes value for money better than using original products and has a similar feel, which is dry but still got clear nicotine It is a mini version that is suitable for people who may have used a dropper type replacement product before as well.

However, Kardinal Stick replacements are currently available in three product families, where users can instantly choose and style their favorite identity. You can also follow news about Kardinal Stick replacement products online. or contact a reliable distributor representative and can be trusted There is service both before and after the sale. including product warranty.  The pod itself has a 450 mAh battery which is just the right amount of power. with a compact electric pod But giving a tight touch of nicotine, it only takes 30-40 minutes to charge the pod, the battery is 100% full, ready to use all day long. If used regularly or frequently per day It is recommended to keep the battery charged daily. But do not leave the battery charged overnight. This may cause the battery to deteriorate faster. and not durable as well

Outstanding features of the Kardinal Stick family

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