How can I be sure that e-cigarettes do not leak?

No matter how many times you smoke, it leaks every time. It’s not worth the price! It’s not worth buying as the first one. Just moving in and starting to smoke e-cigarettes is already a difficult job! Today we come to know the important problem of old electronic cigarettes, which is “leaking”. What are the symptoms? Let’s take a look.

That brand might not have a good design. There is too little filter
Applications that cause the machine to overload or overload
Bad mouth design
less filter layer
Most users tend to get an “Open System” e-cigarette that has to be refilled every time the liquid runs out. What happens is a leak that often occurs when the cap is not closed or tightened. Users have to look at the filling of the solution in the right size. not overflowing all the time In addition to this, there are currently many brands of e-cigarettes that are designed to be Closed-System where the complexity of the small number of filter layers is about 3-5 layers

Air condensation system through heating coil

E-cigarettes are made from a variety of thermal filters, with the resistance being dependent on the size of the e-liquid used and over time. The efficiency of use will be reduced. which eventually results in leakage In some cases, it may not be related to the heating coil, but it may also come from improperly capping the pod head. The continuous pumping for a long time may cause the machine to overload and deteriorate quickly.

  1. Cylinder head

Although electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Users should not use the same smoking technique as smoking. If smoked improperly, a leak can occur. E-cigarettes (e-cigaretts) take a long time to heat up the liquid and vaporize it. If the user pumps the liquid with the wrong technique, it may cause other parts of the e-cigarette to deteriorate quickly. which if the design of the cylinder head is not good enough It will also cause the pod head to wear out faster as well.

new! RELX Infinity 53 Patented Innovations Designed to Prevent All Problems with the Innovative Leak Resistance Maze It has 11+ Labyrinth Filter Layers to Eliminate Leaks More Effectively Than Open System E-Cigarettes. It will be this Infinity model, the research team must draft more than 59 models of the device to test which one is the best. And tested more than 12,000 machines in order to get the Infinity model that reaches the user’s hand with quality.

The RELX Infinity is also a closed system e-cigarette that uses Heating Coil technology and an Optimized Draw Resistance system that helps regulate the air suction inside the device, making the fil pump smooth and stable, delivering a rich flavor that’s not allergic to it. Smoke traditional.

It’s not easy to have a sensor system on the device when users smoke more than the specified amount and risk overloading the machine without knowing, very dangerous! But RELX Infinity has an innovative “Smart Pace Vibrate Alert” that warns users when smoking too hard and too often (15 times in 15 minutes). and stay with us for a long time value for money

Another very important factor that needs to be mentioned is The mouthpiece design (Mouth Piece Design) that is designed in an ergonomix design to reduce air leakage when pumping. and help users to pump more stable.

All this world-class innovation for only 1,190 baht and you can now enjoy the experience of fil-pumping to replace your traditional smoking.

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